Reading communities create stronger economies and societies. People associated in them have more influence on their future. OECD research has proven that reading eliminates social and economic differences. When children read for pleasure and as a part of an entertainment, this fact will have a greater impact on their success than the background they come from.

It has also been proven that reading books with children supports their social and emotional development, and reading fiction increases their empathy. That is why reading is called one of the most important factors supporting sustainable development. It confirms the great role of literacy in terms of the future of citizens, communities and the whole countries.

The Union of Polish Metropolis, which includes twelve largest Polish cities, and the Universal Reading Foundation show why reading has the power to improve the world.

The presidents of twelve Polish metropolis act as ambassadors of reading – they invited you to a semi-private conversation, share their literary tastes, show the importance of regular reading and raising new generation of readers! All of that iniciatives being a part of our campaign promoting the book culture – #ReadingRules.

The campaign had an open formula. We invited everyone to get involved. Our main goal was to cooperate here with local governments and encourage authorities, local business, institutions and well-known faces to become role models – ambasadors who actually read books and recommend others, especially young people, to do the same.

We got support from many polish cities and what’s more important – people still get involved in reading promotion localy. We want this trend to continue and to be the begining of pro-reading activities conducted constantly across our country.


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