Our vision is a Reading Poland:
- intelligent & empathetic;
- inclusive & innovative,
- economically strong & democratic.

Reading is the one crucial factor with proven influence on all these aspects of our lives. Today less than 40% of the adult population of Poland declare having read a book during the last 12 months.
In many European countries at least 70-80% adults read.

The Universal Reading Foundation was created to reduce this somewhat disturbing gap.


We try to have impact through interventions with various touchpoints:
- encouraging children to read;
- educating parents about the importance of a sharing a book, reading and talking – our focus are children and parents from low-income families
- training professionals (librarians, teachers, culture emloyees, paediatricians, psychologists) on the significance of reading: for them to become reading leaders in their communities
- inspiring leaders (politicians, business personas) to become conscious reading leaders for the sake of the future of the communities they took reponsibility for.
- creating thought exchange networks of conscious reading promotion leaders.
- advocating for reforms in the way reading is understood and treated in paediatric care, the educational system and the social care system.


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