Superpower of Books. A Handbook for Promoting Reading

Superpower of Books. A Handbook for Promoting Reading, is an attempt to define this goal and the paths that can lead to its achievement.

It answers the questions:
- Why promote reading?
- How to approach it in order to achieve change on a national scale?
- What are the evidence based methodologis?


This simple brochure was created to support and inspire professionals (fellow reading promotors, teachers, librarians, culture managers, doctors and any other), to build a common and evidence based understanding , to strengthen a network of leaders working together in the same direction.


Two years after it’s publication we are happy with the impact it generated. Our deepest gratitude goes to the City of Zabrze in Silesia where after haveing read the brochure the municipal authorities changed the strategy papers for the city including reading as a tool of social capital support – thus creating important budgets and setting goals to support reading within the unpriviledged and low income families.


The brochure is available for free in Polish and English, will soon be available in Latvian and German.

We are raising funds to prepare a similar handbook for pediatricians: it will help spread the idea of book sharing recommendation among medical professionalists. Thank you for supporting our efforts.


The Superpower of Books in Kindergarten"

„The Superpower of Books in Kindergarten” is a handbook for kindergarten teachers on how to promote reading. Available in Polish for download:


„The Superpower of Books at Home”

„The Superpower of Books at Home” is a poster showing parents how to read with their children. It is used in kindergartens, libraries and bookstores. Available for print in Polish and Ukrainian:


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