Reading communities create stronger economies and societies simply because reading books is a tool for increasing inclusion and creating societies giving equal chances to all children . OECD research has proven that reading for pleasure has the power to eliminate social and economic differences:when children read for pleasure, this fact will have a greater impact on their success than the background they come from.

This is why we created a campaign in which leaders can make a difference by becoming an example and setting a direction for their teams to follow.


We are grateful to the Mayors of the biggest Polish Cities (twelve cities united in the Union of Polish Metropolis [Unia Metropolii Polskich]) who all agreed and became the first role models. We created short filmed spots in which they answer questions about their private reading habits, each ending with their answer „because #ReadingRules”.

Thanks to a collaboration with a big media holding we had 47 million views of the campaigns materials in one month.


The campaign has an open formula. We are inviting everyone to get involved. Our main goal is to encourage authorities, business leaders, institutions and well-known faces to become role models – ambassadors who actually read books and can comment on how that helps them in their professional lives. Many have joined.


We are working with the municipalities on how to operationalize their leader’s involvement. #ReadingRules_ mornings for children and families and #ReadingRules afternoons for children under the care of social care centers – have started in Warsaw. Krakow, Wrocław, Gdańsk are organizing paralel activities. We are working with many other cities to implement next steps.

We are raising funds to be able to work with more children from low-income families. Thank you for your support


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