Reading Poland initiative is a collctive effort to create strategies leading to the increase of the reading population in Poland.

We are an informal coalition of individuals, institutions and companies united by the awareness that the future of Poland depends on how far we manage to raise the level of reading.


We want every child (and then adult) in Poland to be able to realise their full potential. Numerous studies confirm that the private activity of reading books translates into an individual's improved life chances and - consequently - enormous social benefits: an increase in the number of citizens participating in social and economic life, an increase in the country's scientific, economic and innovative potential.


Since 2021, we have been working together, in workshops, with a focus on including voices from different parts of Poland, sectors and hierarchical levels of our organisations. We are developing ideas for actions that, if implemented, will result in the desired change, i.e. contribute to the spread of reading. We work on a strategy for universal reading; ideas for the functioning of the book at school, in the municipality, in the company.


We believe that change is possible. We know that it requires broad collaboration, smart thinking and operational efficiency. That is why we conduct discussions in a structured and constructive manner. We look for solutions that are substantive and that will have the greatest impact, because they realise the impact at the source of the problem.

Photo. Rafał Komorowski


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