Superpower of Books #ReadingDad

The #ReadingDad campaign is an important call. Today in many countries,
boys and men read far less than girls and women. Certainly one of the
reasons is the lack of a male reading role model – let’s change this.
Dads, Uncles, Grandfathers, Big Brothers, Guardians, Coaches - read!



This project was created in cooperation with over 30 publishers, distributors, booksellers, but also librarians, local governments, institutions and companies. Some of well-known, popular dads in Poland, including a musician, blogger, influencer and even a sportsman, became ambassadors of the campaign. We managed to engage people from various environments and encourage them to support us!

The most important part in encouraging men to read in the context of our project was publishing a handbook, written by Maria Deskur, CEO of URF and Edyta Plich, CEO of EDICO Foundation, “The Superpower Of Books – Reading Dad”, which is still avaliable to download for free.

Reading should be inclusive, but that requires inviting people who don’t read to be the part of the book culutre. The #ReadingDad project has hepled breaking away some sort of stereotypes about readers (and non-readers) and shown that books can be (and should be!) for everyone. This means including into the reading community those who have not felt invited enough so far.

The campaign helped to create positive behaviours and habits by promoting a daily reading routine, which is a crucial point in increasing level of reading in Poland.

The real change requires long-term work, which is why we we are continuing the #ReadingDad campaign in 2024.

Thank you for supporting our efforts!


The #ReadingDad campaign invloved Social Media platforms. We received a strong interest amongst a great group of supporters – users, bloggers, influencers and children literature publishers. The total number of views of campaign content reached over 5,000,000. What’s more we reached almost 2,000 publications with hashtag #TataTeżCzyta (eng. #ReadingDad) posted by our followers and other users. 30,000 paper copies of our handbook were distributed to Polish families across the country.

A crucial part of the campaign was the activities undertaken by librarians and teachers. We shared packages of promotional materials and educational aids – lesson scenarios, posters, bookmarks and printable gadgets. Engaging libraries, schools and kindergartens allows us to reach fathers and guardians directly.

Right now we are working on the new edition off the national campaign.


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