Why is a book a good gift?

Having your own books at home is a proven predictor of good education and career success. Data from a study of 160,000 people from 31 countries proved a number of correlations. First, teenagers who grow up at home with a minimum of 80 books perform better at school than children from families who have no books.


"The correlation between home libraries and better academic performance may be obvious, but another element is more surprising." - says Maria Deskur, president of the Universal Reading Foundation. "The studies confirmed that people raised in homes with books who did not graduate from college, as adults, have reading, mathematical and technological skills at the same level as university graduates coming from homes where there were only some books, and have the same competencies at a higher level university graduates raised in homes without books. These are surprising results but they show the real superpower of books altogether. It turns out that a bookshelf at home, that we have had since childhood gives us higher competencies (including math and technology!) than an university degree! - strongly emphasizes Deskur.

Having a minimum of 80 volumes at home therefore appears to be a private university. Meanwhile, 30% of Polish families do not have any books to read at home. Those two sentences above put together has caused our concern and reaction*. Therefore the idea for the #GoodBooksGoodGifts (pl. #DobraKsiążkaDobryPrezent)
campaign emerged.

*Joanna Sikora, M.D.R.Evans, Jonathan Kelley, Scholarly Culture: How Books in Adolescence Enhance Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Technology Skills in 31 Societies, Social Science Research, , 2019, 1-15;
Polish National Library Report, 2020


"I grew up among books. One of the first gifts I remember was a two-volume edition of "The Knights of the Cross"." - says Irek Piecuch, DGTL partner and member of the URF Board of Trustees. - "For me, a home library is synonymous with home warmth and relaxation. Therefore, the holidays are a good time to create or expand home libraries. So far, the cooperation between DGTL and the Foundation has resulted in several initiatives. We have introduced a book token for the whole team: every quarter, each of our employees can order books to the value of 100 pln (23 dollars). We are already after the third edition and the result and peoples' commitment exceeded our expectations. On our website we now publishing #DGTL Reviews, with our short comments on the books we recommend. Then, inspired by the URF, we've taken a futher step. Together we've launched the #GoodBooksGoodGifts campaign. We want to persuade people in Poland to give each other books; for Christmas, but also for other occasions. Of course, the action has an open formula, we invite everyone to join in," he adds.

Not everyone can afford a book as a gift - we try to reach all those people as well as non-readers, who we can provide with books they don't have.
Your support help us to do so.


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