Book on Prescription. Prescription for Success is a project based on professor Barry Zuckerman’s and ReachOutandRead.org work. Its core is to invite Polish pediatricians to include book sharing recommendation in their daily practice, on a national level.


There is substantial evidence that an early intervention in which a parent or caregiver shares a book, interacts around it with his/her child, follows the child’s interest but also opens his/her mind to new concepts, words and meanings is a foundation for brain development and thus better preparation for school, learning and healthy life. The most important research come from: ROR & B. Zuckerman, Harvard Center On the Developing Child, Hart&Risley and the TMW initiative, evaluations done by the British BookTrust.


We encourage and train doctors to recommend reading to children as a part of medical prevention refering to the broad benefits that books can give them starting from infancy.

We run ourselves conferences and workshops for medical staff, we take part in big pediatric conferences where we introduce the topic as an addition. We provide books to paediatricians for them to model reading and give books to parents. We are working with the Polish Paediatric Association on creating a policy statement for Polish pediatricians inspired by the policy statement published by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2017.

We are raising funds to prepare a handbook for pediatricians: it will help spread the idea of book sharing recommendation among medical professionalists. Thank you for supporting our efforts.


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