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2023 at the Universal Reading Foundation

2023 was a special year in the life of the Universal Reading Foundation - we celebrated our 5-years jubilee. The past 12 months have been very challenging but brought us a lot of satisfaction.

We are supporting children's development and supporting adults in their parenthood, showing the great importance of reading in both those areas.

In 2023 we organized a first international conference, addressing the important issue of „Literacy for Democracy”, in the context of developing healthy, conscious, responsible and active citizens.

2023 was also a step towards building new cooperations, in Poland and Europe, we became a part of EURead.

2023 In Review

Our campaigns in 2023 were viewed close to 9 million times, we delivered over 80,000 books to children, and 30,000 handbooks to parents.
More than 700 libraries took part in our programs, more than 100 doctors enrolled on our trainings.

There are a lot of new challenges ahead of us in 2024. Thanks to all of our supporters we can continue our work.

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Universal Reading Foundation - new member of EURead

The Universal Reading Foundation has joined EURead – the European literacy and reading promotion network of 35 organisations from 23 European countries. This is a great distinction and appreciation of URF’s work, as well as an opportunity to exchange experiences and undertake cooperation in a broader, European field.

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5 years of the Universal Reading Foundations

In 2023 The Universal Reading Foundation celebrated its jubilee! On this occasion, we summed up 5 years of our work ! Everything we've managed to do so far motivates us to continue our efforts.

In 5 years we have managed to do quite a lot:
- we have launched numbers of programs in cooperation with many people and organizations,
- we have helped thousands of children - provide them with books they didn't have;
- we have been creating an environment: we train leaders to understand why and how to help reading;
- we have been supporting parents: showing them what reading can change in their relationship with their child, and the future of their children.

We are gratefull to all the people who believe in us, support our work and promote reading with us! Together we can do more.

Superpower of Books. A Handbook for Promoting Reading

The future of Poland depends on how far we succeed in raising the level of readership together.

We will succeed if we work together towards a common goal.

Superpower of Books. A Handbook for Promoting Reading, is an attempt to define this goal and the paths that can lead to its achievement. The handbook is dedicated to the fellow book promoters.

It answers the questions:

- Why promote reading?

- How to approach it in order to achieve change on a national scale?

- What are the evidence based methodologist?

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Articles about our Foundation’s work were published in The Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, The Chrisitian Science Monitor and Greek Magazine Kathimerini.


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